Cancer Surgery and Breast Surgery

Cancer Surgery and Breast Surgery

Cancer Surgery and Breast Surgery

Breast Cancer is established as one of the nation's most formidable enemies in the healthcare landscape. It is one of the most common cancers amongst Indian women; every year as many as 100,000 women develop breast cancer in the country. This high incidence is poised to rise to an even more unmanageable number.

Breast Cancer is a result of multiple factors which includes environmental and lifestyle changes. In a majority of the cases, it is due to anomalies that arise out of the ageing process, while in 5-10% of the cases, it is genetically inherited.

Early detection is the best protection against breast cancer. Regular self-examination and a mammography at regular intervals have proven to be most effective in early diagnosis and in achieving better results in treatment and cure. Vatsalya Hospitals has been a pioneer in introducing comprehensive screening protocols for early detection of breast cancer. A suite of preventive health checks, advanced imaging, mammography and expert diagnosis has been an Vatsalya hallmark. Recently, Vatsalya Hospitals aggregated its many years of experience and expertise in this field into the highly specialized offering.

Vatsalya hospital has the best cancer specialist in Varanasi.

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