Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery:

Making You Look Better and Feel Better. Highly qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeons of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic SurgeryThe department is in the forefront of plastic reconstructive & Aesthetic surgery research and the Indian journal of plastc surgery pubmed journal in published from our department.The Facilities Available in our department is:

  • â–º Micro vascular Surgery including reconstruction after trauma,replantation
  • â–º Reconstructive surgery by post burn complicated deformity and pre patterned microvascular flaps for cosmetic reconstruction.
  • â–º Hand surgery-trauma,birthdefects,tumours and infection
  • â–º Cranio-maxillo facial surgery-for trauma, tumor and congenital anomalies
  • â–º Follicular unit micro hair transplant for baldness
  • â–º Cosmetic Surgery – Liposuction, face lift, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Endoscopic cosmetic surgies& other cosmetic procedures and endoscopic flap harvest
  • â–º Reconstructive surgeries after cancer ablation in head & neck, breast, soft tissues, bones, oesophagus and penis
  • â–º State of art management of Burns
  • â–º Occuloplastic Surgery-cosmetic surgeries around the eyes.

The department is funished with:

  • â–º ZEISS OPMI Vario advance Microscopes
  • â–º Karl Storz’s Endoscopic instrument
  • â–º Synthes Advanced Craniofacial Surgery system
  • â–º Stryker power system
  • â–º Lumenius fractional CO2 & IPL-ND-YAG LASER SYSTEM(to be installed soon)
  • â–º Byrons Power Assisted Liposuction system for total body contouring including

LIPOSUCTION: to offer cure to people with disproportionate body contours due to localized fat deposits. Liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits.

TUMMY TUCK (ABDOMINOPLASTY): to create an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer by removing excess fat and skin apron.


BREAST LIFT OR MASTOPEXY: for lifting drooping breast after childbirth and lactation. Breast lift raises and firms the breast by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue.

BREAST ENLARGEMENT OR AUGMENTATION: this is done to addresses the problems of underdeveloped asymantrical breast or dshaped breast after childbirth and lactation. This increases fullness and projection of the breasts and enhances self image and self confidence

BREAST REDUCTION: Ladies with excessively large & pendulous breasts benefit from this surgery. The size of the breast is reduced by removing excess breast tissue and skin .The nipple-areola complex is relocated higher and the breast is reshaped and contoured

We are detecting cancers in the breast early, treating/ablating them surgically and reconstructing the ablated breast at the same sitting so as to avoid psychological trauma to the patient..

Enlarged male breasts cause emotional disturbance and impair the self-confidence of young adolescents. We remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin by either liposuction or open surgery but the scars that are always hidden and minimal.


We offer FACE LIFT – a surgical procedure to improve signs and wrinkles of ageing in face and neck.

  • â–º Ageing causes the following effects on the body.
  • â–º Sagging of the facial skin, eyebrows and angle of mouth and neck.v
  • â–º Deep creases below the eyelids and baggy eyelidsv
  • â–º Loss of muscle tone in the lower face that may create jowlsv
  • â–º Loose skin and excess fatty deposits under the chin and jaw and face lift takes care of all these factors and face lift with associated procedures tries to address them all.v

BROW LIFT: for signs of ageing in the forehead and brow region. The surgical procedure has the following effect on the face
Minimizes the crease that develops across the foreheadv
Raises the eyebrow to a more alert and youthful positionv

DOUBLE CHIN-The turkey gobble neck appearance is addressed by either liposuction or open surgery or both but all scars are hidden and minimal.

EYELID SURGERY (BLEPHAROPLASTY) to improve the appearance of sad and tired looking eye. Eyelid surgery can treat –
Loose or sagging skin that creates folds or hides the natural contour of the upper eyelidsv
Excess skin that hangs down from the upper eyelids, sometimes impairing vision.v
Bags under the eyes –baggy eyelids.v

MAKING A DIMPLE: this surgery is done in local anesthesia and the dimple is made at the site the patient desires.

BOTOX: This is a temporary method of erasing frown lines, deep forehead creases and crowfeet wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkle around angle of mouth.

INJECTABLE FILLERS – This is done to restore facial contours or reduce the appearance of lines and creases. Injectable fillers can-

  • â–º Plump up thin lips.
  • â–º Enhance shallow contours.
  • â–º Soften facial creases and wrinkles.


ENDOSCOPIC SURGERIES: Equipped with the latest Karl Storz`s endoscopic instruments, we perform minimal invasive face lift, brow lift, flap harvesting and other procedures related to plastic surgery.

REMOVAL OF MOLES: Dark spots or irregularities in the skin or moles are removed using CO2 LASER. The procedure takes just a few minutes.

MELASMA (CHOLASMA) Irregular patches of dark skin on the face -found more often in women are removed using Fractional Laser – the most effective method for treating melasma

CORRECTION OF WHITE SPOTS OF VITILIGO /LEUCODERMA: In India these white patches are a social stigma. We apply the relevant procedure -PUVA Therapy, Miniature Punch Grafting, Ultra thin Skin Grafting, Suction Blister Grafting, Regional dermabrasion, Melanocyte Culture & Transplantation, Tattooing to cure the disease.

OTOPLASTY AND EAR RECONSTRUCTION: this is done for bat ears or over protruding ears. The scar is hidden and never seen absent ear or ear lost in trauma or tumors surgery is also reconstructed.
LASER SURGERIES: The department is equipped with state of art Limenus CO2 fractional Laiser for facial Recurfacing and IPL –NDYAG for facial Vascular Malfunctions, hair removal etc.(to be installed soon)

At Sahara Hospital, we offer a full range of treatments for cases involving

  • â–º Trauma and Accidents
  • â–º Burn
  • â–º Reconstructive Surgery
  • â–º Hand Surgery
  • â–º Replantation and Micro vascular Surgery
  • â–º Micro neural Surgery
  • â–º Congenital Deformities
  • â–º Maxillofacial Surgery
  • â–º Craniofacial Surgery
  • â–º Ontogenetic Surgery
  • â–º Reconstructive oncology
  • â–º Treatment of skin malignancy
  • â–º Aesthetic cosmetic surgery
  • â–º Endoscopic surgery
  • â–º Laser surgeries
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